Journo Asks Farooq Abdullah, “Are You An Indian?” Angry Farooq Advises Him To Visit A Psychiatrist

Media is said to be the fourth pillar of democracy and it is the duty of mediapersons to ask questions to those in power on the behalf of common public.

But for a journalist, it is as important to know what question he should not ask as to know what question to ask.

News channel Aaj Tak organised Agenda Aaj Tak 2017 and Farooq Abdullah, the former chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir, also attended it. He was interviewed by news anchor Punya Prasun Bajpai.


A video is going viral on the Internet in which Prasun can be seen asking Farooq whether he is an Indian. In a furious tone, the former CM questions in return whether Prasun has a doubt about it.

Before Prasun could say anything, Farooq got angrier and started shouting at him. He asked him as to who gave him the right to ask this question. Farooq didn’t let Prasun speak anything and warned him not to dare to challenge him on this question.



In the end, Farooq Abdullah told Prasun that he should see a psychiatrist as he has developed a disease in his head.

Watch the video to know what all happened:

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It must have been an embarrassing situation for Prasun. What do you have to say in this regard?

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